myPOS Slim

Contactless card reader with a barcode scanner


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A stylish and innovative contactless card reader

Combine a payment terminal and a barcode scanner in one device – meet the myPOS Slim! Running on the Android 8.1 operating system with a 5.5-inch HD colour touchscreen, myPOS Slim is a noteworthy payment solution.


Ultra-light, weighing only 240 grammes, with a powerful processor, you can process payments even faster than before. Equipped with a strong, long-lasting battery, your myPOS Slim will be powered for longer, giving you a reliable service.


The device also accepts contactless, magstripe and Chip&PIN payments!

Ready for more? myPOS Slim comes with Android business apps, a dual camera and also enables you to offer your customers receipts via email or SMS, reducing the need for consumables, thereby helping to lighten your carbon footprint.

At myPOS, we want to offer you the best in terms of both products and services and to make doing business even easier. This is why in addition to the instant settlement of your received funds, you also get a free merchant account with a free IBAN and a Standard business card.


Offering you the ultimate in payments acceptance, this is why we charge no monthly or annual subscription fees.


You can also enjoy a full range of online payment solutions to meet your business’ needs best!

With an increasing number of businesses using barcode scanners to keep their inventory in order and accept seamless and quick payments, myPOS Slim is the ideal payment companion for a wide range of merchants. Equip your courier or take-away business with a reliable card machine. Furnish you fashion boutique with a device suiting your refined style. Or provide the waiters in your restaurant with an elegant and easy-to-carry POS device with tipping support.


Take advantage of our AppMarket platform and unfold the full potential of your smart POS terminal!

Select from a wide range of business apps exclusively developed for our contactless card readers. Browse categories and find an app that’s the perfect fit for your business! The number of apps in the platform is growing every day.

myPOS Cash register

Our free Cash register app comes pre-installed on your mobile card reader to help you with:

The ultimate all-in-one payment solution

Embrace the future of card payments. No more monthly/annual service or setup fees for accepting online payments.

Together with your payment device you are provided with a wide array of benefits, including:

Get ready for the future of card payments!

Why choose the contactless card reader myPOS Slim?

Android 8.1 operating system
Infrared Barcode Scanner
Eco-friendly and paper free
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM
Powerful battery
Cash register with cloud-based inventory management