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PDQ machine for secure card payments

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The PDQ machine myPOS Combo is ideal for your business

It’s a mobile payment-acceptance device that has a built-in card reader along with a printer. This makes it a fantastic choice for the small and medium business.


With this PDQ machine you can provide your clients with an ultimate payment experience no matter their preferred way to pay: NFC or Chip & PIN, card or mobile phone, smart watch or other NFC accessory. All of that, while printing customizable receipts for your clients.


Easily accept payments from smartphones with Google Pay and Apple Pay accounts, other electronic wallet devices and NFC cards.

Accepted payments are instantly received in your myPOS account. You can track each payment directly from your mobile device.

Along with our mobile card machine you get a myPOS account + IBAN with online banking. Within the myPOS account you can make bank transfers, send payment requests, monitor and manage your business cards, devices and gift cards.

This mobile PDQ terminal is suitable for small and medium businesses that would like to print physical receipts: all kinds of shops, bars and restaurants, workshops, taxis, barber shops, family hotels etc.

A PDQ machine to boost your business

We don’t just offer you a payment device, we provide all it takes for your business to flourish and exceed expectations.

By becoming a myPOS customer, you can take advantage of:

Embrace the future of card payments with the all-in-one myPOS solution.

Why choose myPOS Combo?

High-speed thermal receipt printer
Contactless, Chip&PIN and Magstripe payments
Long lasting battery life
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM
Custom branded receipts
Robust design with durable keypad